Education + Creative Direction


Tim shares skill, passion, creativity and inspiration in a variety of formats:

Stage Shows – Tim captivates audiences of any size with a show that takes the audience on a creative journey.

Precision classics, street fashion and directional techniques share skill in unique style. Using both presentation models and detailed demonstration, Tim tells his creative story enriched with stunning clothes styling in clear format that focuses on skill sharing.

Look and Learn Seminars – Tim shares his creative references and inspirations for his latest collection before illustrating his techniques through in-depth demonstrations.

Tim showcases presentation models that epitomise his theme and include hair, make-up and fashion. The groups are small and lend themselves well to question and answer sessions and open creative discussion. These seminars can be tailored to the experience of the audience.

One-to-One Coaching – personal creative coaching and instruction provides unprecedented access to a hairdresser of Tim’s calibre.

If you are seeking a step change in your career and a boost to your professional growth then you can do no better than one-to-one coaching with Tim. These tailored sessions will reflect your personal needs and aspirations.

Artistic Vision – This two day intensive seminar is dedicated to creative vision and directorship in an intimate class of just 6 senior artistic professionals.

Through a narrative using imagery, video, demonstrations and guided work sessions, Tim shares his organic process of forming a compelling artistic vision that defines a personal creative voice. In a fluid format Tim will shape these days around his audience, giving accomplished Artistic Directors a step change in skill andcreative resource.

Developing and propagating a strong visual presence for your brand makes your product or service visible and desirable to your target market. Tim is accomplished at guidingbrands in their goals for stand-out and visual relevance.

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