Pioneering and perfecting precision techniques are the themes that define Tim Hartley’s long and illustrious hairdressing career. Hailed as one of the international hair industry’s enduring icons, Tim’s dedication to exploring form and function in every hair type has meant that he has also explored the tools to achieve it. “Great tools will never eclipse superior technique but they will liberate the professional by making their job easier. It allows you to devote more time to creative thinking, evolve ideas faster and of course achieve great results more efficiently,” explains Tim. The Tim Hartley Professional Scissors (or do you want Shear?) is the result of over three decades of experience with a wide variety of scissor shapes, sizes, cutting edges and materials.Working with a highly regarded Japanese blade manufacturer Tim has designed and refined his perfect cutting tool and is now ready to share it with hairdressers worldwide.

TH1 Precision Scissors

The TH1 Scissors are the very first offering from Tim Hartley Professional Tools and just like Tim’s work each pair comes with highquality, exquisite weight and balance and design perfection guaranteed.

Black lacquer finish – the beautiful finish looks smart and cuts out reflection which helps the user focus on the line.

Variety of lengths – Tim knows the benefits of working with more than one scissor length, to create great work; it’s definitely not a case of one size fits all. He recommends 5.5” for fine detailed work, 6” for head hugging shapes and scissor over comb and a 7” blade for creating those gorgeous lines.

Shape – the elongated and aerodynamic shape fits beautifully into the hand, reducing muscle and joint stress and aiding a smooth cutting action. The anamorphic handle and fixed finger rest allow for supreme comfort and balance.

Cutting edge – each blade is crafted in one piece using Japanese sword engineering techniques with two materials: a soft metal for the handles and an ultra hard Hitachi 440c forged blade. The cutting edge is then hand finished in a 5 step process to create the keenest edge imaginable.

Cutting point – ultra fine points allow for perfect precision and add true dimension to the professional cutting experience.

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